Aerosol Paints


Markal offers spray paints for industrial applications including protective coatings for untreated or galvanized steel, high performance line marking, construction and highway spot marking, and general purpose industrial spray paints with RAL international color matching standard. Spray paints are available in Europe.

SM.500 Spot Marking Aerosol - Aerosol Paints

SM.500 Spot Marking Aerosol

Fluorescent spot marking aerosol spray

Europe only

LM500 Line Making Aerosol

LM.500 Line Marking Aerosol

Line marking aerosol spray

Europe only

MT.0994 - Aerosol Paints


Touch-up acrylic lacquer spray

Europe only

mt7300 Image

MT.7300 Zinc Spray

Zinc galvanized aerosol spray

Europe only

mt7303 primer spray

MT.7303 Primer Spray

Part # 47030009

Universal primer aerosol spray

Europe only