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Fails of Quality Control

Fails of Quality Control


Quality control is an important aspect of maintaining healthy end results.  What happens when there are quality control fails and the process is not enforced? A lot can go wrong!


-Management does not encourage consciousness of quality control.

     If management does not focus on setting the example, quality consciousness will go down the drain! This practice is paving the way for poor finished products and a bad reputation for the company.



-Creating unhappy customers

     Lack of quality control will usually result in poor products, which then leads to unsatisfied customers! Unhappy customers are the ultimate fail and staying conscious of quality control can greatly help give customers what they ask.

-Waste of resources and material

     If there is no quality control, you can be damaging and misusing highly needed material and resources.  Being aware of quality can avoid the extra hassle and expense of misused and scrapped resources.

-Low employee morale.

     When employees sense that they work in a careless environment, it only breeds more careless attitudes.  This leads to very negative employee morale that will trickle down and result in overall bad quality products.



-Break communication between management and employees.

     With no template to follow, an employee will not know when to report mistakes or defects and will not communicate necessary improvements to management. Without this necessary communication there will not be any understanding on good techniques to help the overall atmosphere and create well manufactured products.