Safety and Security

General Purpose Markers


Markal general purpose markers offer unique markers for marking everything from rubber to glass.  General purpose markers have a variety of industry uses including construction and automotive quality control.

Trades-Marker Dry

Trades-Marker® Dry Refills

Universal and welding refills

 Europe Only

Markal Pro General Purpose

PRO General Purpose Refills

Pro refills for general purpose marking

Markal Pro Welding

PRO Welding Refills

Reflective lead refills for welding and fabrication layout

Markal Pro

Markal® PRO

Part # 96270

Mechanical holder for hard-to-reach areas

Trades-Marker Dry


Deep-hole marker for hard-to-reach areas

Europe only

Carpenter's Chalk Listing

Carpenter's Chalk

Carpenter's Chalk for temporary line marking

Chalk Block

Polishing Block

Block chalk for roller grinding and extrusion

Walbuck Railroad

Railroad Chalk

 High-visibility, temporary chalk marks

ZS.130 - Lumber/Timber Markers and General Purpose Markers


Part # 44090130

Oval Carpenter pencil 30 cm

Europe only

fm213 marker


Part # 44060100

Standard size square chalk for temporary marking

Europe only

fm.220 marker


Part # 44070100

Large square chalk for temporary marking

Europe only

fm230 marker


Part # 44080100

Extra-large square chalk for temporary marking

Europe only