LA-CO Industries Acquires Walbuck Ltd.


On September 15, 2014, LA-CO Industries, Inc. proudly acquired Walbuck Ltd and is excited to welcome the quality Walbuck product line to the LA-CO Industries family of brands. 

Walbuck is the leading USA-manufacture of chalks for industry.  The historic and quality line of Walbuck product includes:  Railroad chalk, carpenter chalk, fluorescent scanning chalk, polishing block chalk and turkey box call chalk. 

“Adding quality USA-made chalks advances LA-CO Industries competitive advantage and positon as the world-leading manufacturer of industrial hand-held marking and temperature identification products,” says Dan Kleiman, CEO.  “With this acquisition, now under the Markal brand, customers can source more industrial markers, more colors and service a broader set of customers than ever before.”

While several Walbuck products have been discontinued, you can still order the items below by contacting the LA-CO Industries, Inc Customer Service team at (847) 956-7600 or

Walbuck Item Number

LA-CO Item Number

 Product Description

RR 301 80511 Railroad Chalk Purple
RR 302 80571 Railroad Chalk Yellow
RR 303 80510 Railroad Chalk Pink
RR 305 80512 Railroad Chalk Brown
RR 306 80508 Railroad Chalk Sky Blue
RR 308 80503 Railroad Chalk Black
RR 308-D 80504 Railroad Chalk Extra Black
RR 309 80572 Railroad Chalk Red
RR 310 80576 Railroad Chalk Green
RR 312 80575 Railroad Chalk Blue
RR 316 80507 Railroad Chalk Orange
RR 333 80570 Railroad Chalk White
RR 359 80509 Railroad Chalk Cherry
RR 701 80565 Scanning Chalk Fluorescent Purple
RR 720 80562 Scanning Chalk Fluorescent Yellow Green
RR 721 80564 Scanning Chalk Fluorescent Green
RR 726 80561 Scanning Chalk Fluorescent Orange
RR 729 80560 Scanning Chalk Fluorescent Magenta
LB 309 80541 Polishing Block Chalk Large Red
LB 312 80542 Polishing Block Chalk Large Blue
LB 333 80540 Polishing Block Chalk Large White
SB 333 80543 Polishing Block Chalk Small White
RR 204 80531 Carpenter's Chalk Blue
RR 233 80530 Carpenter's Chalk White
2009 80580 Turkey Call Chalk
BS102 85600 Backsaver Chalk Holder



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