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LA-CO Industries Life Hacks!

LA-CO Industries prides itself on having a wide variety of products available in the marking, temperature indication, and HVAC industries. But did you know that they can have other uses as well? Here are some lifehacks and unique uses of these products to make your life easier!  If you need help in organizing, measuring, cleaning and fixing, look no further.  These products have more uses than what is on the label.  Take a look and give these hacks a try!

Rust Buster for rust removal on clothes!rust-buster_79706

When all else fails, come to us! Use Rust Buster to remove rust stains from your clothing! Soak the rust stain in a bit of our Rust Buster penetrating oil, rinse, then throw in the wash. The pesky stains should come right off.

Safe for skin, clothes, metals, and friction-type surfaces - contains no acids, alkali, or other harmful ingredients.

Need to mark your tools?  Use Valve Action® Paint Markers.

The versatile liquid paint in the Valve Action® Paint Marker makes it easy to mark your tools!  Choose the colors you need and color over the writing and measurements. Wipe away the excess paint and you have marked your tools that are now ready for organizing.  Whether you need them marked for safety, clarification or ownership, this is an easy, durable way to do it!

Check out this YouTube video to see how it’s done!



Did the contents in your oven reach its temperature?

You can use a Tempilabel® to see when an exact temperature is reached!  It can be used on the contents going in the oven such as baking pans, or a general oven-safe piece! Receive exact temperatures for cooking or other projects that require heating in your home.   



Easily do paint touch-ups with PRO-MAX® markers. 

The PRO-MAX® marker will help you fill in those pesky scratches and dings that pop up on your car! It has a broad tip for good coverage and control.  Pick your color and get to fixing.  Any other project that requires a paint touch-up, grab a PRO-MAX® paint marker and go


Have a life hack or unique use for a LA-CO Industries product? We would love to see it! Send us your unique uses at or post them on our Facebook!