Liquid Paint Markers


Markal liquid paint markers are ideal for use in automotive and other forms of transportation, construction, welding, and metal production and fabrication.  These permanent or temporary liquid paint markers offer real paint in multiple tip sizes and colors, including a range of certified colors for nuclear and other corrosion resistant applications. 

Valve Action Paint Marker - Liquid Paint Markers

Valve Action® Paint Marker

Liquid paint marker for general marking

PRO-LINE HP - Liquid Paint Markers


Liquid paint marker for oily surface marking

PRO-LINE XT Subdepartment Image


Liquid paint marker for rough surfaces and extreme durability

Pro-Line HT Subdepartment


Liquid paint marker for high temperature resistance

PRO-LINE WP - Liquid Paint Markers


Liquid paint marker for wet surface marking

Certified Valve Action Paint Marker - Liquid Paint Markers and Low Corrosion Markers

Certified Valve Action® Paint Marker

Nuclear pre-certified liquid paint marker

Galvanizer Markers

Galvanizer's Removable Marker

Removable paint marker for galvanizing

Stylmark Tube Marker - Liquid Paint Markers

Stylmark® Tube Marker

Ball tube marker for multiple surfaces

Jumbo Feltip

Nissen® Jumbo Feltip Paint Marker

Liquid paint marker with extra-large tip

Nissen Super Fine Metal Marker Subdepartment

Nissen® Super Fine Metal Marker

Steel tip marker for fine line marking

Markal Pocket Sub Department

Markal® Pocket

Indelible Pocket paint marker with Reversible Nibs (chisel/flat bullet point)

Europe only

Nissen Solid Barrel Metal Marker

Nissen® Solid Barrel Metal Marker

Metal-tipped, pressurized liquid paint marker