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ST.2100 Tube Marker

Markal ST.2100 is a metal-ball tip marker that meets European nuclear requirements. The low sulfur and low chloride content allows for safe marking on stainless steel. The aluminum squeeze tube and thick paint makes it suitable for vertical and overhead surfaces. 



    Safe for use on stainless steel and other alloy metals where corrosion resistance is a requirement

    Paint formula confirmed using a typical analysis to contain:

    • 200 ppm total halogens
    • 200 ppm sulfur

    Offered in 2 sizes: 3 mm and 6mm for varied mark thickness

    6 low sulfur and low chloride paint colors are weather-, water-, and UV-resistant

    Unique paint designed not to drip on vertical or overhead surfaces

    For low corrosion (low chlorides/halogens) applications, see ST.2100 Tube Marker- Low Corrosion colors

    Marking range -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)

    Mark temperature resistance: 200°C (392°F)

    Made in EU


    Ship building and repair

    Power generation facilities

    Aviation and aerospace

    Oil and gas


    Industrial manufacturing

    Metal fabrication


    Stainless steel

    Alloy and super alloy metals

    Alloy metals


Mark Sizes:

3 mm 6 mm
markThin markThick
  • Details:

    10230123      White      3 mm
    10230223      Yellow      3 mm
    10230323      Red      3 mm
    10230423      Blue      3 mm
    10230523      Green      3 mm
    10230623      Black      3 mm

    10260123      White      3 mm
    10260223      Yellow      3 mm
    10260323      Red      6 mm
    10260423      Blue      6 mm
    10260523      Green      6 mm
    10260623      Black      6 mm

    97161            Yellow      1/8" (3 mm)
    97162            Red         1/8" (3mm)