Low Corrosion Markers

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TRADES-MARKER® - Low Corrosion Colors

TRADES-MARKER has the marking versatility of a paper-wrapped grease pencil combined with simple push-button advance that helps reduce cost and waste. This refillable, all-surface marker leaves a wear-resistant mark and is engineered to contain low levels of chlorides, halogens, low melting point metals, and sulfur. The low corrosion formula is safe for use on stainless steel, alloys and other superalloy metals and will not contribute to unwanted corrosion, degradation, or pitting.



    Great for many surfaces including: smooth, rough, rusty, or dirty surfaces

    Confirmed using a typical analysis to contain:

    • 200 ppm Chlorides and total halogens
    • 250 ppm each low melting point metals
    • 250 ppm sulfur


    Marks are rub- and weather-resistant, leaving a bold, permanent mark

    Marker refills eliminate mess and paper waste of grease pencils, saving time and money

    Durable plastic holder helps prevent breakage and keeps hands and clothing clean

    Push-button advancing makes for easy, one-handed use.

    Convenient clip allows for pocket storage and prevents rolling off work table

    Made in U.S.A.


    Power generation facilities

    Oil refineries

    Ship building and repair

    Aviation and aerospace


    Stainless steel

    Alloy and super alloy metals

  • Details:

    96132      Red      3/16"
    96133      Black      Starter Pack (1 Holder, 12 Refills)

    96242      Red      Starter Pack (1 Holder, 12 Refills)

    96243      Black      Refill Pack (12 sticks)