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7 Deadly Wastes of LEAN

LEAN Manufacturing is a smarter way for companies to operate in order to save time, money and keep customers happy. An important step is to identify the top reasons that a company is performing inefficiently.​


Ready, Set, LEAN Manufacturing

Anyone who has participated in LEAN Manufacturing knows that it is a lot of work but in the end can be incredibly rewarding. LEAN is the continual pursuit of waste elimination in processes through the use of key principals and strategies.


We can't all be Macgyver

Everyone remembers MacGyver right? The man who could make an arch welder out of jumper cables, a generator, and 50¢ in quarters? He was the king of do it yourself. Unfortunately, not many people have the skills he did. Check out some of our favorite wannabe MacGyver fails.


LA-CO Industries Life Hacks!

Here are some lifehacks and unique uses of these products to make your life easier! If you need help in organizing, measuring, cleaning and fixing, look no further. These products have more uses than what is on the label. Take a look and give these hacks a try!


DIY-ers of the Day!

We always love to hear about the amazing projects you guys are working on and we want to make sure that you guys are hearing about these great projects too! So introducing Karen and Rob of BKcreations1!​

Results: 22 Articles(s) Found.