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LA-CO Industries Life Hacks!

Here are some lifehacks and unique uses of these products to make your life easier! If you need help in organizing, measuring, cleaning and fixing, look no further. These products have more uses than what is on the label. Take a look and give these hacks a try!


DIY-ers of the Day!

We always love to hear about the amazing projects you guys are working on and we want to make sure that you guys are hearing about these great projects too! So introducing Karen and Rob of BKcreations1!​


Top DIY Resources

Like many other areas, the do­it­yourself (DIY) industry suffered after the 2008 recession. Fortunately for all you makers, tinkers, and crafters, it's coming back strong! According to CNBC, yearly spending on home improvement is set to reach $321 billion in 2017! It is no wonder that there are millions of resources available to help the DIY­ers of the world. Whether you are just beginning, or an expert crafter, these 10 resources can help you with any project! Ready! Set! Do-it-yourself!


Top 5 Trade Apprenticeship Programs for Veterans

As veterans return home from service and integrate themselves back into civilian population, many have difficulty finding employment. To help combat unemployment among veterans, organizations across the country have developed apprenticeship programs within the trades to educate veterans and help them establish their careers.


6 Technical Schools to Kickstart a New Career

Many accredited schools within the United States offer educational programs designed to prepare students for successful careers in the trades.

Results: 19 Articles(s) Found.