General Marking FAQs


Questions and Answers

What's the difference between a paint marker and a permanent ink marker?

Both markers can be used on a multitude of surfaces.  An ink marker tends to dry faster than a paint marker on any surface, but is not as permanent.  Ink markers are removed easily with common solvents such as alcohols and fade rapidly when exposed to sunlight.  Paint markers are much more resistant to these conditions.

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How can I erase or wash off a mark?

Most Markal®  markers are meant to be permanent.  However, some of these products can be ground off or removed with hazardous solvents like ketones and acetates.  Markal®  does make removable markers such as the W/S-3/8® Paintstik®  and the PRO-WASH®  series of paint markers that do not require any hazardous products to remove.

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Why should I recap a paint marker after using it?

When exposed to air, paint will begin to harden when not in use.  When a used paint marker tip is allowed to harden, paint may not be able to follow through and allow you to continue using the marker.  Our cap contains a vapor seal that will keep air out preventing this from happening, allowing you to extend the life of your marker.

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What are paint markers most commonly used for?

Although there are thousands of uses, paint markers are most commonly used when a more durable and wear resistant mark is required.  Paint markers are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and can often stand up to more extreme temperatures, surfaces, or environments than a standard ink marker.  No marker works in every situation, which is why Markal®  has the largest line of industrial grade paint markers.  From our solid Paintstik®  to our full line of liquid paint markers, Markal®  has something that will meet your marking needs.

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What is the shelf life of your markers?

Generally, the stated shelf life on our products is two years.  That does not mean that the product will not work beyond that point.  In order to ensure quality, these products should be kept away from any moisture and any caps should be securely on the marker when it is not in use.

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