Low Corrosion


The Markal Low Corrosion Products Include:

Valve Action® Paint Marker



B® Paintstik®







Low Corrosion Products for Stainless Steel


Low Corrosion Products for Stainless Steel and Other Alloy Metals

Ideal for use in oil refineries, power generation facilities, shipbuilding, aerospace, or anywhere that uses utilizes sensitive equipment, our Low Corrosion products have been engineered to contain low levels of chemical compounds, includes chlorides and halogens, that may contribute to unwanted corrosion, pitting, or degradation from use.

As technology continues to advance, many industries such as nuclear power generation, oil refining, aerospace, shipbuilding, and the military are relying upon stainless steel and various alloy metals for use in highly sensitive equipment. These environments often utilize high pressures, temperatures or hazardous materials, and unwanted corrosion can weaken this sensitive equipment and cause dangerous health and safety risks.

To meet the demanding needs of these industries, Markal® offers the largest selection of industrial marking solutions to be low in corrosive chemicals. Engineered to be low in chloride, all other halogens, sulfurs and low melting point metals, these products will not contribute to unwanted corrosion, degradation, pitting, or general weakening of these sensitive materials.

Using a typical analysis provided by a third party testing facility, these markers are confirmed to meet the following specifications:

  • Less than 200 ppm chlorides
  • Less than 200 ppm total halogens
  • Less than 250 ppm each low melting point metal
  • Less than 250 ppm sulfur

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