Solid Paint Markers


Markal solid paint markers combine the durability of real paint in the convenience of a crayon.  These solid paint crayons can mark almost any surface and are ideal for metal fabrication, metal production, welding, construction, and many other industrial uses. 

Quik Stik Sub-Department Image

Quik Stik®

Fast-drying solid paint in twist-up holder

Quik Stik Mini

Quik Stik® Mini

Fast-drying solid paint in twist-up holder


B® Paintstik®

Multi-purpose permanent solid paint crayon

Nissen Standard Solid Paint Marker

Nissen® Solid Paint Marker

Solid paint in durable holder

B-E Paintstik - Solid Paint Markers

B-E® Paintstik®

For marking very rough surfaces

B-L Paintstik - Solid Paint Markers

B-L® Paintstik® (Blue)

Part # 80725

Bleeds through solvent- or oil-based primers or painted surfaces

BL-W Paintstik - Solid Paint Markers

BL-W® Paintstik® (Blue)

Part # 80735

Bleeds through water-based primers or painted surfaces


E® Paintstik®

Solid paint crayon with high-intensity colors

F Paintstik - Solid Paint Markers

F® Paintstik®

Solid paint crayon in fluorescent colors

FastDry Paintstik

FAST DRY® Paintstik®

Fast drying solid paint crayon

M and M 10 Paintstik - Solid Paint Markers

M® and M-10 Paintstik®

Solid paint crayon for annealing and heat-treating


N® Paintstik®

Marks will not show through top coat of paint or primer