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The Newly Designed PRO-WASH® Removable Marker



LA-CO Industries has spent the last several months working hard to improve the PRO-WASH® line of liquid paint markers and we are happy to announce that we have made several new improvements to the product that are available today!

The PRO-WASH® liquid paint markers are going to look a little different the next time you see them.  We have redesigned the label and packaging to a more up to date, cleaner look.  We have also updated the marker itself to a longer, impact-resistant barrel and the Markal® clip-cap. This means that our PRO-WASH® markers now match the rest of liquid paint marker line! While the markers look different, they still have the same paint formulations and nib that everyone has come to depend on! 

The more user-friendly, and eye-pleasing packaging is shipping out now and you should see it on the shelves or websites of all your favorite stores soon! We would love to hear what you think of the new design!  

Sample the PRO-WASH® here!