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We can't all be Macgyver

Everyone remembers MacGyver right? The man who could make an arch welder out of jumper cables, a generator, and 50¢ in quarters?  He was the king of do it yourself.  Unfortunately, not many people have the skills he did.  Check out some of our favorite wannabe MacGyver fails.

Need a new headlight? No need to take your car to the auto shop when you have some flashlights, bungee cords and electrical tape lying around the garage.


Want to quickly cool a room without having to spend money on a ceiling fan? All you need is some duct tape and a small fan for this custom and efficient focal point. 


Short on space, but want to add another half bath to your house? No worries – just install a toilet and half a door for this space-saving solution.


No need to waste money on a costly shower head if your dream is to bathe under a waterfall. Simply install the nozzle from your garden hose for a customizable shower experience.  


Nothing wakes you up faster on a cold, winter morning like air conditioning blasting in your face. Easily replace a missing control knob in your car with a valve wheel handle so you can change the heat settings with ease and for a fraction of the cost of a new knob from the car dealer. 


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