Welding Markers


Markal offers economical and specialized markers for easy-to-see marks in precision welding applications.  The temporary or permanent range of welding markers includes soapstone, welder’s pencils, and other high-visibility layout markers.

Markal Pro

Markal® PRO

Part # 96270

Mechanical holder for hard-to-reach areas

Markal Pro Welding

PRO Welding Refills

Reflective lead refills for welding and fabrication layout

SilverStreak RedRiter Welders Pencil

Silver-Streak® & Red-Riter® Welders Pencils

Welders pencils for metal layout and fabrication

SilverStreak Metal Marker

Silver-Streak® Metal Marker (Silver)

For welding, metal layout and fabrication

RedRiter Metal Marker

Red-Riter® Metal Marker (Flat Red)

Layout and fabrication marker for aluminum, bright metals

Soapstone - Welding Markers and General Purpose Markers


Temporary marking for welding and metal fabrication

fm400 welding marker


Part # 44030100

Rectangular, high-heat resistant soapstone

Europe only